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Tag: Rapid Fire Book Tag

I’ve been doing tags for about a month now on The Paperback Pilgrim and my only question is why didn’t anyone warn me how addicting they are? RamblingsRecommendationsTag

Tag: Netflix Book Tag

I mean, who doesn’t like Netflix right? I can’t honestly remember who’s Booktube channel I was watching to get inspiration for this beaut of a tag, but at this point pretty much every notable Booktuber has done it so I figured why not? RamblingsRecommendationsTag

Tag: Run Away With the Circus Book Tag

For today’s post I figured it would be neat to take a little inspiration from one of my favourite BookTubers, A Dash of Ash. She recently posted a video on her channel called the ‘Run Away with the Circus Book Tag‘ in which she responded to OwlCrate’s tag. BooksRamblingsTag

Tag: Bookish Superlatives

Today’s post is something I saw while I was perusing through Jamie’s, The Perpetual Page-Turner, Friday fun blog posts. While my high school didn’t do superlatives for graduating seniors, I have always wanted to hand them out. BooksRamblingsTag

Tag: A to Z Bookish Survey

I have been blogging for about a year now, and I’m starting to fall into the slump of only doing review posts. Therefore, as a challenge to myself, I am going to try to post one review and one ‘fun’ post a week. BooksRamblingsTag

Gilmore Girls Book Tag 2.0

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL. THE GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL IS NOW OUT! In case you can’t tell, or don’t know me at all, my favourite show of all time is Gilmore Girls. And in celebration for my love of Stars Hollow and all its residents gracing our screens…