Harry Potter Read-A-Long: Chapter Fourteen ~ Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback

The Chapter

The chapter begins with an update on Professor Quirrell’s gaunt appearance, following his run in with Professor Snape. 

While it is revealed that the trio doesn’t believe Quirrell had allied with Snape, they nevertheless still check to see whether or not Fluffy still occupied the third-floor corridor. 

In between their surveillance, Hermione still finds time to create study schedules and colour coding her notes, regardless of the fact that exams were still more than two months away. While the boys protested, the professors seemed to be on the same train of thought as Hermione and the students were slammed with homework that seemingly occupied their Easter holiday. 

Spending most of their time in the library, the trio run into Hagrid one day, which seemed suspicious given the fact that Hagrid was clearly hiding something under his overcoat. Following a shut down in conversation, Ron decided it was a good idea to mention to Hagrid that they had figured out who Flamel was and what Fluffy was guarding. Berating him with questions, Hagrid invites the trio to his hut for tea in order to quell the conversation. 

Following Hagrid’s leave, Ron, curious as to what brought the giant to the library, goes through the books that were left behind and confirms that their friend was there looking up Dragons. Harry tells Ron and Hermione that Hagrid had mentioned his want for a dragon upon their first meeting, and Ron retorts with how dragon breeding was outlawed, and give the reader insight into his family when he mentions his brother Charlie’s work with the mythical creatures. 

The chapter continues with the trio’s visit to Hagrid’s Hut. Once there, they are surprised to see the curtains close and the heat radiating from the small living space. Hagrid asks the trio what they want to know, and Harry responds with asking whether or not there are more things guarding the stone than just Fluffy. Hagrid says he is not privy to the protection details, and following quite a bit of pleading Hagrid says that he does in fact know that there are enchantments guarding the stone, fashioned by Professor Sprout, Professor Flitwick, Professor McGonagall, and Professor Snape. 

Harry then decides to push his luck further by asking how one would get past Fluffy, and it is disclosed that the only two people who know how to get past the three-headed dog were Hagrid and Dumbledore. Harry, knowing that he wouldn’t be getting the answer out of Hagrid, asks if they could open a window, and following Hagrid saying no, the trio’s attention is grabbed by the egg in Hagrid’s hearth. Hagrid reveals that he won the confirmed dragon egg, and had been doing reading in order to learn how to care for his new pet. 

The trio leave, and receive correspondence about the dragon hatching at breakfast a few days later. Despite wanting to skip Herbology in order to experience the whole hatching, the trio are able to witness the egg splitting open, and a baby dragon flopping onto Hagrid’s table. 

Hagrid’s new dragon, Norbert, enthralled the trio until one day when Malfoy followed them to the hut and witnessed the fact that Hagrid was keeping a dragon illegally. Hagrid asks Ron if he could write to Charlie about an escape plan for Norbert and it is decided that the dragon is to be taken to the tallest tower at Hogwarts at midnight on Saturday in order for Charlie to take him away. 

Deciding on using the invisibility cloak in order to aid in their quest, Harry and Hermione, sans Ron due to a dragon bite putting him in the hospital wing, take the crate containing Norbert to the tower. Under the invisibility cloak, they see Malfoy being stopped and given detention by Professor McGonagall. Harry and Hermione finally reach Charlie’s contact and make the exchange. 

The chapter ends with Hermione and Harry, thinking that they are in the clear, only to be stopped by Filch and his choice to give them detention. 

The Illustrations 

Much like the last chapter, there were very little illustrations as compared to other’s in this book. 

One illustration that did stand out for me was the one page dedicated to dragon eggs. I was highly amused by Kay’s choice to represent each dragon egg differently, while also choosing to illustrate the eggs with qualities of their respective dragons. 

The only other illustration that stood out was the chapter page that depicted Kay’s vision of what Norbert could look like. 

The Quote

‘Hagrid, you live in a wooden house,’ (Hermione) said. But Hagrid wasn’t listening. He was humming merrily as he stoked the fire.


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