Harry Potter Read-A-Long: Chapter Thirteen ~ Nicolas Flamel

The Chapter

The chapter begins with the reader becoming privy to the fact that following their heart to heart in front of the Mirror of Erised, Dumbldore convinced Harry not to go looking for the charmed object. Harry wishes that he could forget what he had seen in the mirror, given that it was both painful emotionally and it brought about nightmares. 

Hermione returns to Hogwarts the day before the new terms started, and her and Ron argue about the mirror and its outcome. Hermione believed that the events of finding the mirror and then being told not to look for it made Harry not prioritize finding who Flamel is, and that the trail as to who the mysterious person could be was getting cold. 

Hermione tries to reinvigorate the search, getting Harry and Ron into the library to look, but with Wood demanding that the Gryffindor Quidditch team practice harder and longer, Harry begins to feel overwhelmed. It is during one of these practices that Wood revealed Snape was to be the referee at their next match, against Hufflepuff. 

Following the practice, Harry heads straight to the common room in order to relay the newly discovered information to Ron and Hermione, which garnered advice by both of his friends. Hermione suggests Harry not play the game at all, with Ron agreeing saying that Harry could either fain an illness or break his leg, his choice.  

During their conversation, Neville stumbled into the common room, clearly under a leg-locker curse, causing the tension in the room to be briefly stilled. Of course, the culprit behind the curse was Draco Malfoy, and following Hermione’s pleas for Neville to report the incident to McGonagall, Harry makes his fellow Gryiffindor feel a tad better by giving Neville the last of his Chocolate Frog’s and telling him that he is ‘worth twelve of Malfoy.’

As Neville goes to bed, Harry looks at the card that was included with the Chocolate Frog and is greeted by a new clue in the Flamel mystery. Harry reveals to Ron and Hermione that the name Flamel was familiar to him based off of Dumbledore’s card description which outlines the headmaster’s fame as a mix between his defeat of Grindelwald in 1945, his discovery of the uses of dragon’s blood, and his work in Alchemy with none other than Nicolas Flamel. 

With this information, Hermione bolts up to fetch something from the girls’ dormitories. She returns with a rather large book, and it is in its pages that the truth about Flamel is revealed. The wizard in question is the only known maker of the Philosopher’s Stone, a magical object that gives its user immortality. 

After the reveal, the trio speculate that Fluffy is guarding the Philosopher’s Stone and that Snape wants it for its magical properties. The next morning, Harry is again reminded that Snape will be refereeing, and as the next Quidditch match draws near he gets more and more nervous. 

These nerves made Harry notice that at every turn he was running into Snape. To make matters worse, potions class was not going any better than it had on that first day, and Harry attributed it to Snape somehow knowing what the trio had figured out. 

The day of the Quidditch match it is disclosed to the reader that everyone had shown up to the match, Dumbledore included, which made Harry’s nerves ease a bit given that Snape couldn’t do anything to him with everyone watching. 

During the game, however, it seems as if Harry’s broom is once again jinxed. And yet, Harry zooms past Snape, and catches the snitch in record time. With the match over, Harry heads from the locker room to the doors of Hogwarts, and sees a Snape like figure sneaking into the Forbidden Forest. 

Jumping on his broom, Harry follows the figure, circling the trees in order to get a good look at everything. Harry finally locates his target, but Snape isn’t alone, he’s speaking with Quirrell. 

After overhearing Snape threaten Quirrell, Harry races back to the Gryffindor common room eager to tell his friends what he witnessed. The chapter ends with Harry relaying the information to Ron and Hermione, and with the three of them agreeing the stone’s safety lies in with Quirrell standing up for Snape. 

The Illustrations

In chapter thirteen, Nicolas Flamel, the illustrations included by Kay were underwhelming to say the least. With only two illustrations, neither the chapter page or the illustration of dusty old books really piqued my interest in anyway. This may be because the chapter is short, so hopefully in the last five chapters Kay amps it up. 

The Quote

‘ I never thought to look in here!’ she whispered excitedly. ‘ I got this out of the library weeks ago for a bit of light reading.’ ‘Light?’ said Ron, but Hermione told him to be quiet until she’d looked something up, and started flicking frantically through the pages, muttering to herself. 


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