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Today’s tag is inspired by a post I saw while reading Rendz’s Reading with Rendz blog. While I wasn’t explicitly tagged to do this post, I do love me a good Disney inspired tag and as such I had to do this one.

Interested to read about some cheesy goodness? Keep on reading to find out my thoughts and opinions.

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Cheddar, The Classic Cheese: Pick your favourite classic novel

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. Every time I am asked this question I do not hesitate when saying that Austen’s Gothic satire is one of the only classics to leave an impression on me. With a hilarious plot and a swoon worthy romance I never feel nervous when I recommend Northanger Abbey to everyone and anyone who will listen.

Swiss, The Hole-y Cheese: Pick an emotional rollercoaster

Gemina (The Illuminae Files #2) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Krisoff. My favourite of ‘The Illuminae Files’ books, Gemina made me laugh, made me cry, made me angry, and put me back together again by the end of the book. Definitely one to check out if you haven’t already.

Blue Cheese, The Controversial Cheese: Name an unpopular opinion

‘The Mortal Instruments’ series by Cassandra Clare. I can say, without shame I might add, that I preferred the 2013 The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones to either the book series it was based off of or the television series currently airing on the Freeform channel.

Brie, The Favourite Cheese: Name an author you always want more of

J.K. Rowling. I mean, I can’t be the only person who used this as their answer, can I?

Gouda, The Dutch Cheese: A book that makes you want to travel

City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab. While I have already had the pleasure of visiting Edinburgh, Scotland, my recent reading of City of Ghosts, which is set in the city, has made me want to travel back. While I was able to take in many of the sites mentioned I do have a few bucket list items I didn’t get to, and I think Cassidy’s adventure may have added a few more.

American, The Fake Cheese: Your least favourite book

Dinner with a Vampire (The Dark Heroine #1) by Abigail Gibbs. Well, it has been a hot second since I’ve been able to speak about my disdain towards Dinner with a Vampire (The Dark Heronie #1), but here we are. If you want me to get into detail I do have a review of this novel right here on The Paperback Pilgrim, but to summarize I just couldn’t find myself caring about the plot or characters, so there’s that.

Colby Jack, The Mixed Cheese: Pick you favourite ship

Audrey Rose Wadsworth and Thomas Cresswell from the ‘Stalking Jack the Ripper’ series by Kerri Maniscalco. I am not usually one for shipping but to say I’m not looking forward to reading about the relationship between these two characters in Escaping from Houdini (Stalking Jack the Ripper #3), being published in 10 days, would be a bold face lie.

Mozzarella Cheese, The Simple Cheese: An old favourite you’ll never stop loving

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling. As Rowling once said, “Whether you come back by page or by the big scree, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

Pepperjack, The Spicy Cheese: A book you can’t judge by the cover

The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis. While The Best Laid Plans boasts a rather plain cover the political satire and character sass that fills its pages has yet to be challenged by any other book I have read on Canadian politics.

Muenster Cheese, The Monster Cheese: A villain that should never have the chance to eat cheese again

The Dark Lord Toby from Kill the Farm Boy (The Tales of Pell #1) by Delilah S. Dawsom and Kevin Hearne. If you’ve read the novel than this answer is just plain funny.

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And those are my answers for the Cheesy Goodness Book Tag. Want to answer the questions but haven’t been tagged? Take this as me tagging you and leave a comment or link to your post below!



  1. Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews

    Audrey Rose and Cresswell are suchhhhhhhhh a good ship. The tension, the quipssssss…definitely hoping Escaping will have lots of good ship moments for us. And Gemina was SUCH an amazing book. I remember being disappointed when I found out that we wouldn’t be dealing with Ezra and Katy, but that book totally flipped me on what I thought would happen and brought so many amazing things you listed. Wonderful picks, and great post! 🙂


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