TLC Book Tours Review: It Takes Death to Reach a Star – Stu Jones, Gareth Worthington

With six months gone on the year, I can without a doubt say that I have been reading quite a few sci-fi novels in comparison to previous reading years.

Today’s review is no different, as I am reviewing the dystopian sci-fi It Takes Death to Reach a Star by Stu Jones and Gareth Worthington.

I received It Takes Death to Reach a Star in exchange for an honest review, via TLC Book Tours. With that in mind, lets get into the review, shall we?

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32186084It Takes Death to Reach a Star by Stu Jones and Gareth Worthington 

Publisher: Vesuvian Books (May 22, 2018)

Print Length: 324 pages

The epidemic struck at the end of the Third World War. Fighting over oil, power, and religion, governments ignored the rise of an anti-bacterial-resistant plague. In just five years, the Earth was annihilated. Only one city survived—Etyom—a frozen hell-hole in northern Siberia, engulfed in endless conflict.

The year is 2251.

Two groups emerged from the ashes of the old world. Within the walled city of Lower Etyom dwell the Robusts—descendants of the poor who were immune to the New Black Death. Above them, in a metropolis of pristine platforms called Lillipads, live the Graciles—the progeny of the super-rich, bio-engineered to resist the plague.

Mila Solokoff is a Robust who trades information in a world where knowing too much can get you killed. Caught in a deal-gone-bad, she’s forced to take a high-risk job for a clandestine organization hell-bent on revolution.

Demitri Stasevich is a Gracile with a dark secret—a sickness that, if discovered, will get him Ax’d. His only relief is an illegal narcotic produced by the Robusts, and his only means of obtaining it is a journey to the arctic hell far below New Etyom.

Thrust together in the midst of a sinister plot that threatens all life above and below the cloud line, Mila and Demitri must master their demons and make a choice—one that will either salvage what’s left of the human race or doom it to extinction…

The Review 

While It Takes Death to Reach a Star had all of markers of a sci-fi masterpiece, issues with pacing and my clear favouritism towards a certain character left me wanting just a little more.

It Takes Death to Reach a Star follows the fantastical tale of Mila and Demitri, two characters with vastly different social standings, as they try to survive against World War III, the New Black Death, a sinister plot, and the demons that haunt us all.

Both Jones and Worthington can write, that’s for certain. With action packed scenes, very short chapters, morally ambiguous characters, and believable science, these authors did it all. I did find myself struggling to get through the first seventy-five pages or so as they were chalk full of dense introductions. With that said, however, once the main characters met one another the novel seemed to be over in the blink of an eye, leaving me with more questions than when I started and a longing to know what is going to happen as a result of that ending.

The characters are where these authors, and It Takes Death to Reach a Star, truly shines. Mila was such an awesome PoV to read from. The underdog, in comparison to the well off Demitri, Mila doesn’t allow her social standing to stop her from caring from the people she lets into her life. She was capable of taking care of herself but not afraid of asking for help and I found myself eagerly anticipating the next chapter featuring her. Demitri on the other hand left something to be desired. I liked that he was the polar opposite of Mila, being quiet, reserved, and hyper intelligent when science was concerned. And yet, I did prefer Vedmak, Demitri’s alternate personality, to that of our hero.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. 

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And those are my thoughts on It Takes Death to Reach a Star by Stu Jones and Gareth Worthington. Have any Science Fiction thriller recommendations? Leave your recommendation below and help my TBR grow.



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