Down the TBR Hole #9: Conquer Your TBR

Welcome back to my Down the TBR hole journey. In case you aren’t aware I am participating in a ‘meme’ created by Lia’s at Lost In A Story, in which bloggers are to go through their Goodreads shelf and make some tough decisions.

As a refresher, or for those who haven’t read the first post, the purpose of this ‘meme’ is as followed:

  • Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.
  • Order on ascending date added.
  • Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books
  • Read the synopses of the books
  • Decide: keep it or should it go?

Interested to see which books I had to rummage through in week nine? Keep on reading to find out!

_ _ _

27920435The Undead by Tim Hodkinson (May 6, 2016)

Print Length: 300 pages

The Verdict

I don’t remember exactly why I added The Undead to my Goodreads ‘want to read’ shelf. I figured if I read the synopsis it would jog my memory, and yet it doesn’t entice me the way it once did. Due to these reasons, The Undead by Tim Hodkinson is a GO.

23492824The Woman in the Photograph by Dana Gynther

Publisher:Gallery Books (August 4, 2015)

Print Length: 322 pages

The Verdict 

While I do love me a good French Revolution historical fiction novel, nothing about the 20’s in Paris, or the decade of the 20’s in in relation to the rest of the world’s history has ever intrigued me. Due to this reason, The Woman in the Photograph by Dana Gynther is a GO.

26054793The Fatal Rose (An Assassin’s Tale #2) by J.M. Lominy 

Publisher:Five Sons Publishing (August 31, 2015)

Print Length: 312 pages

The Verdict

Given that I haven’t even read Lominy’s first installment in the ‘An Assasin’s Tale’ series, The Deadly Rose, I couldn’t for the life of me tell you why I added it to my ‘want to read’ shelf. Due to this reason, The Fatal Rose (An Assassin’s Tale #2) by J.M. Lominy is a GO.

24804505.jpgForget Tomorrow (Forget Tomorrow #1) by Pintip Dunn

Publisher: Entangled: Teen (November 3, 2015)

Print Length: 336 pages

The Verdict

The plot for Forget Tomorrow sounds incredibly interesting, following a young girl, Callie, in a dystopian society where destiny is decided based on a person’s future self. While interest piquing, this novel is the first in a series, of as of right now three novels and a novella. Due to this reason, Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn is a GO.

27841704Asleep by Krystal Wade

Publisher:Blaze Publishing, LLC (February 16, 2016)

Print Length: 338 pages

The Verdict

While I do love me a good thriller from time to time, this, from what I can tell by the synopsis, Sleeping Beauty retelling isn’t quite doing it for me. Due to this reason, Asleep by Krystal Wade is a GO.


25768892Black Five by J. Lynn Bailey 

Publisher:Poorhouse Publishing (November 2015)

Print Length: 400 pages

The Verdict

I’ve been gravitating towards paranormal YA novels with a focus on witches as of late. After reading Black Five’s synopsis my interests were piqued further. And yet with the mixed reviews and the fact that I have so many upcoming witchy releases I’m apprehensive about keeping this one. Due to these reasons, Black Five by J. Lynn Bailey is a GO.

27205186Neutralis (Neutralis #1) by M.M. Lindelo 

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform (January 9, 2016)

Print Length: 294 pages

The Verdict 

Many people on Goodreads tote this as a mix between The Hunger Games and the Divergent series leading me to believe that this is why it made it on my ‘want to read’ list. And yet, even as a mix of two of my favourite distopian series, the synopsis of Neutralis is missing something for me to be interested. Due to this reason, Neutralis (Neutralis #1) by M.M. Lindelo is a GO.

25517283.jpgThe Heir and the Spare (The Heir and the Spare #1) by Emily Albright

Publisher: Merit Press (January 18, 2016)

Print Length: 288 pages

The Verdict

The Heir and the Spare’s synopsis presents a cute YA contemporary about finding where one belongs, I tend to never gravitate to contemporary novels of any kind.  Due to this reason, and given that I just don’t have enough time to start yet another series, The Heir and the Spare (The Heir and the Spare #1) by Emily Albright is a GO.

25739104.jpgSave Me, Kurt Cobain by Jenny Manzer

Publisher:Delacorte Press (March 8, 201)

Print Length: 272 pages

The Verdict

While I wish Nirvana was still releasing music in 2018, my apprehension to wards Save Me, Kurt Cobain, mirrors the apprehension I had about The Heir and the Spare above, it is a YA contemporary. Due to this reason, Save Me, Kurt Cobain by Jenny Manzer is a GO.

18388121A Time to Dance by Angela Bomford

Publisher: WestBow Press (August 19, 2013)

Print Length: 316 pages

The Verdict 

While I do enjoy reading biographies set during World War II, I have so many unread ones currently sitting on my physical bookshelves. Due to this reason, A Time to Dance by Angela Bomford is a GO.


_ _ _

And those are my decisions for week nine of Down the TBR hole. For the second week in a row not a single book made the cut! Want to join along? Leave a link to your post or a comment below on which books you chose to stay and go.


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