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Today’s tag is something I saw while reading Lizzy’s mylittlebookblog . While I was never tagged to do this post, the questions looked like a lot of fun to answer, and so, here we are. Interested to see my answers to fifty bookish questions? Keep on reading to find out my thoughts and opinions.

_ _ _

What was the last book you read?

Symphony for the City of the Dead by M.T. Anderson.

Was it a good one?

I was pleasantly surprised with just how good it was.

What made it good?

It was a well rounded look at a composer, a siege, and a war that changed the world.

Would you recommend it to other people?

I would recommend it to those who like non-fiction Russian history, non-fiction World War II history, or those who enjoy audiobooks narrated by the author.

How often do you read?

I try to read for at least 30 minutes every day.

Do you like to read?

If my 75 book Goodreads reading challenge could talk it would say yes.

What was the last bad book you read?

Beasts Made of Night by Tochi Onyebuchi.

What made you dislike it?

It had an interesting premise, in that sins manifested into beasts and sin eaters would defeat them and then be branded with a tattoo representing said beast, but the execution was a bit too all over the place.

Do you wish to be a writer?

The nature of a book for me is all about the author giving and the reader receiving. I would like to one day be able to give a reader just a fraction of the joy that I was given by a multitude of authors. So, yes, I would like to be a writer.

Do you read fan fiction?


Do you write fan fiction?

Again, nope.

What’s your favourite book?

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee or Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban by J.K. Rowling.

What’s your least favourite book?

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini or Life of Pi by Yann Martel.

Do you prefer physical books or on a device?

Physical books every time.

When did you learn to read?

I want to say I was 6 or 7, but my memory is bad and I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading.

What is your favourite book you had to read in school?

White Teeth by Zadie Smith.

What is your favourite book series?

The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling.

Who is your favourite author?

At the moment I cannot get enough of Leigh Bardugo.

What is your favourite genre?

Fantasy or historical fiction.

Who is your favourite character in a book series?

Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude for growing up with a character who I saw myself in.

Has a book ever transported you somewhere else?

Isn’t that the purpose of books? As Roald Dahl said in Matilda, “The books transported her into new world and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives. She went on olden-day sailing ships with Joseph Conrad. She went to Africa wit Ernest Hemingway and to India with Rudyard Kipling. She travelled all over the world while sitting in her little room in an English village.”

Which book do you wish had a sequel?

An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson.

Which book do you wish didn’t have a sequel?

You by Caroline Kepnes (the sequel is called Hidden Bodies.)

How long does it take you to read a book?

It depends on the book and my interest in it. My average book reading time is two days or so.

Do you like when books become movies?

Depends on the adaptation.

Which book was ruined by its movie adaptaion?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban. In my opinion, the worst of the Harry Potter adaptations.

Which movie has done a book justice?

The Hunger Games movie based on The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games #1) by Suzanne Collins.

Do you read newspapers?

No. The newspapers in my area are run by a media company that I do not agree with.

Do you read magazines?

I pick up the BBC History Magazine every one in a while, but I don’t have a subscription or anything.

Do you prefer newspapers or magazines?

Magazines as they can offer a bit of a reprieve to the bombardment of news that the public is forced to swallow on a daily basis.

Do you read while in bed?


Do you read while on the toilet?


Do you read while in the car?

And, yes.

Do you read while in the bath?

Heck no! Paper and water don’t mix well when you’re clumsy.

Are you a fast reader?

Depends on the book.

Are you a slow reader?

Depends on the book.

Where is your favourite place to read?

Sitting next to my fiancé while I read and he plays video games.

Is it hard for you to concentrate while you read?

Depends on the book.

Do you need a room to be silent while you read?


Who gave you your love for reading?

As with many of things in my life I owe my love of reading to my mom.

What book is next on your list to read?

Physical book:Everless by Sara Holland  Audiobook:The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

When did you start to read chapter books?

In second or third grade, I think? Like I said, I have a real bad memory.

Who is your favourite children’s book author?

Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko.

Which author would you most want to interview?

I would love to sit down and have a chat over coffee with J.K. Rowling. Surprising, I know.

Which author do you think you’d be friends with?

Kendare Blake, hands down.

What book have you reread the most?

The first three Harry Potter novels.

Which books do you consider ‘classics’?

The definition of a classic to me is a book that had a defining impact on both me as a reader and me as a human. Some of my classics include anything by Dr. Seuss, The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, the list goes on and on.

Which book do you think should be taught in every school?

Any book that can instill a love of reading in a child. Reading is important, both recreational and otherwise, and to teach books based solely on the curriculum just to see higher test scores in any given district is not a valid reason to teach children to read.

Which books should be banned from all schools? 

No book should be banned ever. As a response to the Canadian Freedom to Read week last year I wrote A Reader’s Freedom if you’d fancy a look.

_ _ _

And those are my answers for the fifty bookish questions tag. What to answer the questions but haven’t been tagged? Take this as me tagging you and leave a comment or a link to your post below!


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