Well Blogmas friends, it’s finally starting to feel like Christmas.

No, not by the inclusion of a Christmas Story in the Advent Calendar, but in the fact that as I write, Western Canada is about to be hit by a pretty massive dumping of snow.

Bundled in the biggest sweater I own, while drinking the hottest tea I can possibly stand , I bring you the review for day nineteen of the Short Story Advent Calendar. Enjoy.

DAY 19: 

The Friend by Lindsay Hatton

Copyright: 2017

Print Length: 16 pages

The Review

I mean, I guess I’m finally starting to get what I wished for on the Christmas story front.

The Friend tells the story of an unnamed engineer as he is sent, on Christmas Eve, to the construction site of the Bixby Creek Bridge in Monterey County, California to be the eyes and ears during the transition between concept and completion of the bridge.

As our unnamed narrator is conflicted, both in his personal and in his post wartime professional life, he is greeted with just the hint of magic in the form of an unnamed bushman, trying to grant the engineer peace during Christmastime.

I enjoyed how Hatton left the characters unnamed as it almost made it seem like this happenstance could happen to anyone, anywhere, just looking for a bit of guidance. As our narrator is feeling lonely, it only makes sense that after his encounter with the mysterious wilderness man he ended up squashing his loneliness by marrying his employer’s niece and returning to the place where his life changed for the better.

Whether the mystery man was suppose to be a presentation of Santa Clause or Jesus, I was never 100% sure, but I did appreciate that Hatton wrote the character in a way that you were able to think either.

Unfortunately, for me, The Friend was missing that almost child like wonder I look for in a Christmas story, but overall it was a decent addition to an otherwise Christmas devoid Short Story Advent Calendar collection.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

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One Comment

  1. midnightamythest

    This was a sweet, short story. The main character was very believable and well developed, and I liked the almost innocence of the bushman. It definitely gave off some Christmas ghost vibes, and I liked it.
    I was kinda wondering about the bushman’s role in the bridge issues (as the main character is send there because a storm did some damage to it). It is hinted that the bushman may have done the damage; so did his interactions with the main character change his mind, and instead he decided to help the bridge? I guess that’s one of the mysteries that these stories leave up to the readers.
    Overall a good little read today.
    3 stars.


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