Happy Monday Blogmas friends.

If you are still coming back for your daily dose of my thoughts and opinions on the Short Story Advent Calendar, I thank you. It can’t be easy to read about my complaints day in and day out, heck, it sucks writing out complaints day in and day out, but I’m hoping, with just seven days left until Christmas Day, that the Calendar picks it up on the festive time of the season and just gives me a Lifetime-esk story I can both roll my eyes at and be completely infatuated by.

Ready to see if day eighteen gave me the warm and fuzzy feeling everyone craves at Christmas time? Keep on reading for my thoughts and opinions.

DAY 18: 

Chemistry by Martin MacInnes

Copyright: 2017

Print Length: 7 pages

The Review

Once again I am less than impressed by this addition to the Short Story Advent Calendar.

Chemistry tells the story of an unidentified female narrator sharing her experience of a treatment that lead to pills that produced chemistry between her and an unnamed male character.

While Chemistry has an interesting premise, being able to create something that allowed two people to be in love without being compatible, I feel that the page count was too short to properly explore the concept. It was hinted that both the man and the woman would feel doubt if their medication wasn’t taken properly but no follow through was ever done on what exactly the consequences could have been.

I did rather enjoy that MacInnes briefly explored the backlash of having such a process, as seen when the narrator talks about the protests, talking of how love could not be duplicated as if it were a machine, but this idea too was only briefly touched upon.

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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One Comment

  1. midnightamythest

    I was definitely interested in the premise of this story, but as you said, it wasn’t long enough to really get into it. I didn’t like the rather abrupt ending, but the inclusion of the protesters was good; though less fleshed out than I would hope. Overall interesting idea but not long enough to make it worth it.
    2.5 stars


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