Blogmas 2017: Short Story Advent Calendar Day 6

Well its truly starting to feel like that time of the year.

Yes, I bought my first Christmas present today, and no I will not say what or who it is for given that quite a few of my friends and family read this. (Hello if you’re reading this.)

And yes, it is also time for another instalment of the Short Story Advent Calendar! Ready to see if I liked day six? Keep on reading to find out my thoughts and opinions.

DAY 6: 

Dogs of Cuba by Edie Meidav

First Appeared: Novel-in progress?

Print Length: 17 pages

The Review

Unfortunately I am finding a habit in the short story advent calendar. Much like how people say there is an odd/even Star Trek movie curse, I too am finding that there is an odd/even short story curse.

Day six of the Short Story Advent Calendar offered Dogs of Cuba by Edie Meidav and I was not a fan.

The story follows an unnamed (?) reporter as she covers a boxing match. Through out the narrative it is revealed that the reporter had a relationship with one of the boxers, Teo, and that they had a daughter together before the former escaped from Cuba. Following the boxing match the reporter goes to her former flame to confront him about why she left and ends with nothing being resolved.

I didn’t overly connect with the reporter, I wasn’t quite sure what had motivated her to go to her ex, given that earlier in the story it was revealed that she was newly married and enjoying her life in the United States.

Honestly, I was just really confused throughout the entirety of reading this story. I had to read the first two pages twice over because I didn’t understand why it was included to begin with. When the boxing match coverage started I was confused why she was there and what her intentions were following the match. I don’t know, this one just didn’t jive with me.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5 stars. 

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One Comment

  1. midnightamythest

    Yeah, wasn’t a fan of this one.
    What I got from it was that yes she’s a reporter, but she wasn’t reporting on the match, she was supposed to be at work finishing a different story. But she was invited by her ex to the match and she couldn’t say no.
    I think the point was trying to show the complicated feelings behind a woman who wants to leave her ex completely behind, but also feels like he should know about their child. She ultimately can’t do it, and it just makes me wonder how many other women out there are in the same sort of situation as her.
    2 stars.


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