Review: The Best Laid Plans – Terry Fallis

Very rarely do I read a book, finish said book, and then begin recommending it to anyone who will listen.

And yet, that is exactly what I have been doing since I finished The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis.

I’ve got to give major props to my grandma, who was the one who initially recommended it to me, and as I am in a paying it forward mood I will in turn recommend it to all of you!

Interested to hear why I can’t stop raving about The Best Laid Plans? Keep on reading to find out my thoughts and opinions.

The Book 

A burnt-out political aide quits just before an election — but is forced to run a hopeless campaign on the way out. He makes a deal with a crusty old Scot, Angus McLintock — an engineering professor who will do anything, anything, to avoid teaching English to engineers — to let his name stand in the election. No need to campaign, certain to lose – or is he?

The Review

First and foremost, don’t sweat it if you don’t understand the Canadian political system.

Fallis has a way of explaining the political scene in terms that make the book enjoyable to read.

Second, if you aren’t into politics, never fear!

Fallis wrote this book for those who don’t enjoy politics as much as he wrote it for those who do.

Of course, with our political epicentre being housed in Ottawa, that too is where the setting of the book is, well mostly.

Besides being in Ottawa, The Best Laid Plans also takes place in Cumberland-Prescott, which has been Tory blue for as long as anyone can remember.

That is until Daniel Addison, punk rockers Pete1 and Pete2, Muriel, her granddaughter Lindsey, and Liberal candidate Angus McLintock break onto the scene.

Each character was uniquely hilarious in their roles, with my favourite being bad mouthed 80-year-old Muriel, I only hope I’m as cool as she is when I grow up.

While I was a little taken aback when I read that plot included hovercrafts, once you read the novel it makes sense while also not dragging the integrity of the book into the abyss.

If this review has piqued you interested in The Best Laid Plans here is an interesting tidbit about it.

If you have an iTunes account you can download the book for free as a series of podcasts, as an added bonus I’ve left a link to it below.

And finally, as I enjoyed this book so much I already have picked up the sequel, The High Road, and hope to read and review it soon.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. 

Purchase Links

Emblem EditionsAmazon | Barnes & Noble | Indigo |iTunes Podcast



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