Review: Born Speaking Lies – Rob Leniham

Well, I think this is a new genre of book for The Paperback Pilgrim, crime fiction.

To be honest, I really don’t find myself reaching for crime fiction too often, mostly because when I go for a book I tend to gravitate towards the type of stories that couldn’t happen in real life.

I received Born Speaking Lies by Rob Lenihan for an honest review, and immediately I knew it was different.

I say that because while it could have happened in real life, there was soo much drama that I could really disassociate myself with Lenihan’s fictional world and my own semi-reality.

What did I think of Born Speaking Lies? Keep on reading to find out my thoughts and opinions.

The Book 

In Born Speaking Lies, New York mobster Billy the Kid gets a chance to escape the violent world of 1990s Brooklyn after being shot and left for dead in a Pennsylvania forest by members of his own crew. Billy tries to disappear into small town life with Lora, a local woman who finds him bleeding by the side of the road, but his desire for revenge and his rapidly deteriorating health drives him toward a bloody confrontation with his former friends.

The Review

While I’m not usually the person who likes a book where pretty much the entire cast of characters are insufferable, the characters in Born Speaking Lies were mobsters, so didn’t find myself not enjoying it for that reason.

Both Billy and Sal were dark humoured and I loved it.

I was constantly finding myself flipping ahead to see what quick whip they were going to crack, or what crazy adventure they were going to find themselves in.

Also, I did find that Lenihan tried to veer away from the typically mobster stereotypes, so that was quite the surprise for me.

Of the issues I had with this book, the biggest one was its length.

While the writing was very atmospheric, I felt because it was close to 500 pages I did find myself falling in and out of the pages a bit.

I think the book might have received a higher rating from me if it was either cut in half or was a two books, but for those who have no issue with length this book is definitely for you.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. 

Purchase Links

Fomite PressAmazon | Barnes & NobleIndigo

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