Shelf Life

When one thinks of a ‘Shelf Life’ one thinks of the time frame in which a product can be kept until it becomes useless to the consumer.

It is then, as Alanis Morissette said in her 1995 pop hit, ‘Ironic,’ that I’m going to use it as the title of my series exploring people bookshelves.

Unless you are a book hoarder, like myself, the books you chose to keep on your shelf, coffee table, or night stand, hold a significant enough value to keep you holding on to them well past their ‘expiration date.’

Thinking of this brings up so many questions.

What makes a book live past its shelf life? Why do people feel the need to fill the crevices of their lives with hardcovers and paperbacks? Pages after pages of other peoples imaginations?

Is it because readers enjoy the ability to escape into the pages of a book? Is it because books allow for the ability to stretch readers imaginations? Is it to reduce stress or for entertainment purposes?

Or is it because, somewhere deep down inside, a reader knows books offer an almost certainty of never expiring?

So grab a cup of something warm, snuggle in your favourite reading spot, and get ready to explore the ‘Shelf Life’ of a book.





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