Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: My Thoughts on the Epilogue

If there is one thing that divides the Harry Potter fandom it is whether or not the epilogue to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was good or not. Many an argument has been waged, on both sides of the specturm, and I don’t think one clear side reigns supreme. While I have pro’s and con’s with the epilogue, it is part of a universe I have come to love and for that I am grateful it exists at all. Want to see my broken down feelings towards the imfamous epilogue? Keep on reading to find out my thoughts and opinions.

The Good

Regardless of how you feel about the epilogue, I’m sure we can all agree that J.K. Rowling chose to write it as a way to show her appreciation towards the fans.

I cannot speak for all fans, but for me I grew up with the Harry Potter characters for the better part of 10 years.

As I said in a pervious post, I was nine when I received the first three instalments of the series, and by the time Deathly Hallows was released I was just a few months shy of my 16th birthday.

10 years is a long time to spend immersed in the pages of a book, and for me it was a way that Rowling could say that Harry had chosen to live a life after the events of the Battle of Hogwarts, without absolutely having to write another instalment.

For as hard as it was for all of us to say goodbye to our favourite witches and wizards, it was probably 10 times harder for Rowling to say goodbye.

Perhaps, the epilogue was just as much for her own piece of mind as it was for the fans.

The Bad 

One thing I have always said about reading is that it leads to creativity. The reader has to use the power of his or her imagination to come up with characters, scenes, and situations.

If the piece of literature is outstanding, like Harry Potter, leaves such a profound impact on its readers, it doesn’t necessarily have to have something like the epilogue, tying up loose ends and making things concrete.

With the inclusion of the epilogue at the end of the series, it almsot took away my ability to imagine where the characters stories ended up.

Who knows? Without additions like the epilogue, Pottermore, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I would have liked a few things to happen to each of the characters.

For example, I imagined Hermione teaching at Hogwarts, because learning meant so much to her in her formative years.

I imagined Ron working for the Ministery of Magic, in a department similar to where his father worked at, perhaps an anti-Acromantula department??

Harry, well for Harry I just imagined a good life. If Rowling got one thing right with the epilogue it was the fact that Harry’s scar hadn’t hurt for quite some time and that he was generally happy with the life he ended up with.

Plus, I am firmly in the Luna/Neville endgame camp, so there is that.

The Ugly 

Much as with the criticism that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child recieved with it just being a cannonized fan fiction, I tend to also think this way towards the Potter, Weasley, Granger, Malfoy’s childrens names.

Yes, I think it was nice for Rowling to include nods to those most important people Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny had in their lives, but it almost seemed too cheesy for me.

Maybe a non-nod first name and a nod middle name combination would have made this a higher rating for me, but becuase the fans were hit over the head with ‘Albus Severus Potter’, I think it just left a sour taste in a lot of peoples mouths.

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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