Harry Potter Read-A-Long 2016: Chapter Two ~ The Vanishing Glass

The Chapter

In Chapter Two of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone the narrative jumps 10 years into the future, where we are now greeted by an almost 11-year-old Harry sleeping in the cupboard under the stairs.

Following a rather nasty wake up call from Aunt Petunia, Harry is forced to make breakfast for Dudley’s birthday, showing the reader just how different the boys upbringings have been at Number 4 Privet Drive.

When Mrs. Figg (hindsight is a wonderful thing) calls to tell the Dursley’s that she will be unable to watch Harry this year, the Dursley’s relent and allow him to accompany them to the zoo in celebration of Dudley’s special day.

Before they leave the safety of the driveway however, Uncle Vernon mutters the now imfamous ‘I’m waning you now, boy – any funny business, anything at all – and you’ll be in that cupboard from now until Christmas.’


Though the visit to the zoo begins like any other for the Dursley’s and Harry, when they decide to partake in the reptile room, the magic of Harry Potter is set into motion.

After having a ‘conversation’ with a boa, Harry is pushed aside by Dudley and his crony, only to have the glass disappear moments later and the boa free to return to Brazil.

The chapter ends with Aunt Petunia in hysterics, Dudley in a fit, Uncle Veron in outrage, and a young Harry reminicing on how he truly feels alone.

The Illustration


The illustration that stood out to me the most in this chapter was the depiction of Harry in the cupboard under the stairs. From the unique spiders that decorate the ajacent page to seeing the first illustration of Harry Potter himself, this page made me want to devoure the next 50 pages just to see more of the boy who lived.

The Character

The character I’ve chosen as my favourite for this chapter review is none other than Harry Potter. When we first met Harry in Chapter One but as he’s a baby he adds little to the narrative. In Chapter Two however the reader really get to meet the boy who lived for the first time, and because of this he is electric to read about. Even re-reading this chapter I felt for this young boy, deprived of a loving family, feeling like he doesn’t belong, hoping for a better life.

The Quote

“Brazil here I come … Thanksss, amigo.”



Oh the snake, representing so many aspects of the Harry Potter world. Not only is the snake included to be a physical representation of how Harry feels, it also is a future representation of how powerful Harry Potter is. I’m going to say this one more time, hindsight people.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.



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