(Insert Title Here)

Picture this. You’re in a bookstore. It could be Chapters, or Barnes and Noble, or a local consignment store, but you’re there, familiar, yet somehow different.

Sprawling as far as the eye can see are rows and rows of books; hardcover, paperback, fiction, non-fiction, romance, historical, and graphics, all available to you to purchase. However, the stipulation of being in this particular bookstore is that you can only leave with one choice. How would you go about doing this? Do you choose the book based on the cover? The synopsis? The author? If it were me tasked with this, I generally base my decisions on book purchases in regards to the appeal of the title. This is why I’ve left the title for my first post as ambiguous as possible so that I don’t have to make the tough choice as to what exactly this blog will focus on.


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